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Business Insights directly from Russia

„russia business insights“ is a business blog from Moscow for Russia experts, executives and Russia decision-makers of European companies.

On “ russia business insights “ professional articles on the topics economy and business in Russia are published. Special fields are taxes, bookkeeping, industry, trade, events, HR, organizations and IT and technology. Also interviews with enterprise representatives of companies operating in Russia, can be reread there. „russia business insights “ is intended to promote cross-border exchange.

Through „russia business insights“ Russia economics and the local Business Community in Russia can inform about a specific specialist area directly and competently. “ russia business insights “ is thus also an impetus for communication and discussion.

We look forward to your support and the co-operation of t Russia experts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ausserer & Consultants

Russian Federation, 107031 Moscow, Ul. Petrovka, 27, 5th floor, Building I, Room 40

Represented by:

Johannes Ausserer

Register entry:

OGRN: 1137746038891


Phone: +7 495 775 49 04

E-mail: info@ausserer-consultants.com

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